Chocolate Trick ~ ONE SHOT

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Nao is exhausted from work–but not so much that he can’t spare a few moments to meet with his childhood friend and now boyfriend Shinzaki You. He’s a busy man, with his job working part-time tutoring prep-school students, but he’s finally finished exam season.

You: “I worked hard!”
Nao: “You-cha…!!”

The kiss may have been innocent, but anyone could have seen them, since they’re standing right outside You’s workplace. You assures him it’s fine, and with exam season over and Nao about to go on Spring Break from his own studies, they can head out to see the Magia movie–Nao’s favorite anime (even if it is aimed at children).

Nao is a bit bummed that You’s been so busy lately, but it can’t be helped, since so many students have been taking exams. You promises that he’ll make up for how busy he’s been lately by hanging out as much as he can during Nao’s Spring Break. Nao is overwhelmed with emotion, realizing how hard You is working to please him.

They’re interrupted by a student spotting You and jogging over to give her greetings; Nao notes that You’s super popular with his students, and when she leaves, he remarks that he’s a little jealous of them getting to have You as their teacher. You smiles and says that seeing how hard they work makes it all worthwhile.

He recalls three months earlier when he’d felt similar emotions, worried that a sempai from work was going to claim You. He frantically confessed his feelings, and You returned them. He’d never thought the day would come when they’d be able to date one another, yet here it is. Still, though…he has doubts as to whether or not You is truly happy with settling for him.

At his part time job, Nao is helping to take down some posters when the same sempai who’d expressed feelings for You before remarks that “pick up”-kun hasn’t been by lately. Nao explains that You has been busy with his own part-time job, and she teasingly wonders if maybe she ought to go by his place and sign up for some classes. Nao reflects that she still hasn’t given up on You; even though he and Nao are dating, he’s still very popular with the girls. Plus, Nao’s a guy–he doesn’t exactly have anything remarkable to offer.

He resolves to find some way to express his feelings properly, not just through words, but action–and then it hits him that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so why not take advantage of it?

He recalls enjoying chocolate cake made by You’s mother as a child, and after purchasing a mountain of ingredients, he prepares to make the best sweets he can for the occasion. However…he’s less than successful, and all his hard work results in some pretty vile-tasting results. He’d thought he’d followed the recipe perfectly, but he’d neglected a few ingredients. Just then, his phone buzzes.

You: /It’s chilly tonight, so don’t stay up too late! Good night. — You/
Nao: [You-chan…]

Bolstered by the thoughtful text message, he resolves to try again–if at first you don’t succeed, after all! But subsequent attempts fail as well, and it’s only when he’s out of ingredients, well into the night, that he finally gets the hang of it and heads out the next morning to reload. You runs into him on the street, expression worried and growing more-so when he sees Nao wobbling along, clearly exhausted from his efforts. Nao usually responds to his texts immediately, so when he didn’t the night before, he got worried and came over to look in on him.

He notices Nao’s hands are hurt (from his failed attempts to make chocolates) and demands to see them, but Nao is tired and frustrated and doesn’t want You to realize what he’s been up to, and he explodes in a fit of anger.

You: “But if it leaves a scar…”
Nao: “I said I’m fine! You’re way too over-protective!!”

He instantly regrets his words and rephrases more calmly that he’ll be all right. He understands that You is only worried for him–but such protection over the years was what caused Nao to fall for him in the first place. So what about You, then?

As he wanders away, he glances up at the sky…and a fluffy white flake begins to fall, making him remember playing with You as a child.

He’d been too weak to play outside much, so You would bring the outside in for him to enjoy, flowers and butterflies and snowmen–all kinds of things to make Nao happy. He’s always been receiving things from You, never able to give anything in return–and that’s why these chocolates are so important.

At long last, after much trial and tribulation, he finishes his masterpiece, a beautiful assortment of chocolates.

Nao: [All done!]

His doorbell rings just as he’s putting the finishing touches on the chocolates–and he opens it to find You, worried and frantic because he hasn’t been able to get ahold of Nao since their fight. He notices Nao’s room is rather cluttered–and when he forces his way inside past Nao’s protests, he lays eyes on the chocolates. Nao confesses that he wanted to give You something this year for Valentine’s Day–because it’s their first together as lovers, it means something different this time.

You beams at him, thrilled, and thanks him for the chocolates, pulling out his own gift of Magia-themed chocolates and apologizing for not being able to make anything this year. Nao is confused for a moment, and You goes on to confess that he had always been the one to make the cake they shared as children. He can now finally reveal how genuine the thought of those 10 chocolate cakes had been.

You feeds him one of the chocolates Nao made, and Nao grimaces that it’s bitter–he’s got a sweet tooth, and dark chocolates aren’t for him. You grins that he’s got a child’s palate, and when Nao protests this, You leans in for a kiss.

He then goes on to explain…that chocolate is actually an aphrodisiac–and requests another kiss, which leads to much more.

As they make love, Nao reflects that the reason his heart is pounding right now has nothing to do with the chocolates. It’s because of how much he loves You. So much, he confesses aloud, that it scares him. He wants to possess You, body and soul, , wants them to be together forever, wants to touch him always. You smiles and kisses him gently, reminding that it goes both ways. That’s what love is.

The next morning, though, You watches over a bedridden Nao who’s now sick from eating too much chocolate. Some things, it seems, never change!



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4 Responses to “Chocolate Trick ~ ONE SHOT”

  1. Wavatar

    April 15, 2014

    Criosti Reply

    So cute! I love Suzukura Haru’s art! It’s so pretty and I love how she draws hair.

  2. Wavatar

    April 15, 2014

    Joanna Reply

    Suzukura-sensei <3

    This was sooo cute!

  3. Wavatar

    April 16, 2014

    Tuna Reply

    Lovely progress from the simple scene of feelings to making chocolate and even some lovely.

  4. Wavatar

    June 10, 2014

    Faust Reply

    I looks so cute! ^_^
    I’m not usually a big fan of this mangaka’s art, but I think it’s looking really pretty in this story. I really like it! It’s very sweet, in many ways…

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