Hold Up!! ~ 2 Meter

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Sakura is in quite a predicament–standing where we last left him, with a gun to his back as he’s taken hostage by the suspect he and Wakatsuki were staking out.

Wakatsuki tries to talk his way out of the situation, reminding the man that Sakura has nothing to do with their business, but the man is not to be deterred, warning Wakatsuki not to try anything funny. He opts to instead try to calmly talk the man down, but before he can make any headway, Sakura smirks to himself and calmly reaches up behind his back to grab the gun poking into his spine.

Sakura: “You mustn’t play with things like this!”
Suspect: “?!”

He then easily trips up the man and quickly has his down on his stomach on the ground in a hold. He calls for Wakatsuki to come finish the job–but when Wakatsuki realizes that he’s lost his handcuffs, Sakura smoothly produces them himself.

Sakura: “They dropped in the passenger-side seat. Perhaps during our little…dalliance earlier?”

Wakatsuki flushes darkly as he flashes back to what transpired between them in the car and quickly snatches the cuffs and subdues the suspect. Once done with business, though, he then turns on Sakura and reprimands him for being so reckless–what if he’d been shot?!

Sakura reassures him that there was no such danger–and demonstrates that the gun was little more than a cigarette lighter, something he was able to determine based on the fact that the bottom half of the gun was entirely plastic.

Wakatsuki slumps to the ground in a huff, partly embarrassed at not being able to tell himself, but in large part overwhelmed by thoughts of what went through his mind at the notion of Sakura being shot. Sakura squats down beside him, though, to reassure him.

Sakura: “Thank you–for worrying over me.”
Wakatsuki: “It–it’s to be expected; it’s my job to protect the general public.”

Sakura then drives Wakatsuki and the suspect back to the station, and Wakatsuki thanks him once again for all his help, vowing to show his gratitude when next they meet. Not too keen to wait long for his reward, Sakura swoops in for a quick smooch on the lips.

Wakatsuki: “Wha…?!”
Sakura: “I’ll be looking forward to that demonstration of your gratitude, then.”

Wakatsuki’s good mood doesn’t leave him–and it isn’t long before others, like the owner of a local eatery he frequents, notice. When asked if anything good happened to him recently, he excitedly relates that he caught a criminal–his first capture in two years on the force.

He got to experience it all–the pursuit, the stakeout, a little nookie in the cab–WAIT! Wait, no, that last part wasn’t important. What was important was the fact that he caught the criminal with his own hands. His father would be proud.

His mind starts to wander to Sakura’s display in helping catch the criminal–his moves reminded Sakura almost of his father. Most people…can’t do that kind of thing, right? Just what is he…?

His phone buzzes on the counter–announcing an incoming call.

Making his rounds in his taxi, Sakura is still amused over thoughts of Wakatsuki and how thrilled he seemed to have finally caught a criminal. But these thoughts of Wakatsuki bring to mind images of a different young man, and Sakura can’t help thinking that Wakatsuki and this young man Sakura is thinking of bear a resemblance.

A voice crackles over the radio, calling for car 125–Sakura’s car. It seems he’s being summoned to the West Police Station as soon as possible.

Once he arrives, though, it’s clear why: Wakatsuki’s superior officer has found out that Wakatsuki got a civilian involved in their case, which is very much a no-no. Wakatsuki’s superior grills Sakura over his involvment–as it all smacks of more than Sakura is letting on, since there’s no way a mere “good samaritan” would not only get as involved as Sakura did but dispatch the suspect in the manner he did.

Truthfully, though, the ranting is going in one ear and out the other for Sakura, who’s thrilled to be in the same room as Wakatsuki again, and he raises a hand to ask to be excused to use the toilet. The superior officer, fed up with his attitude, kicks both of them out and slams the door behind them.

Wakatsuki is instantly apologetic, reassuring Sakura with a smile that his sempai isn’t all that bad–just a little high strung. But Sakura isn’t listening and instead shoves Wakatsuki into the next room and covers his lips with his own, locking the door with a smile. When they part, Wakatsuki asks, panicked, what the meaning of that was, and Sakura responds easily:

Sakura: “I’m exhausted from playing beast-tamer; make me feel better?”
Wakatsuki: “HUH?!”

Sakura’s eagerness quickly has Wakatsuki’s pants around his knees and his shirt halfway off, pressed against the glass wall as Sakura kisses and pinches and strokes Wakatsuki to arousal.

But it’s too late when Wakatsuki realizes that the glass he’s leaning against…is a one-way mirror into the interrogation room they just left. The very room where Wakatsuki’s superior is still waiting for them toreturn. He panics–but Sakura ignores the commotion and continues to pleasure him, and Wakatsuki is convinced their cover is about to be blown when his superior approaches the mirror.

Wakatsuki: /…Does he realize?!/

But all the man does is leer at his own reflection, commenting to himself that he’s looking pretty damn good–and then he returns to his seat to wait. Wakatsuki takes the opportunity to chide Sakura for teasing him like this and nearly getting the two of them discovered, but Sakura insists that there’s no teasing whatsoever–he’s quite serious about getting Wakatsuki off.

He whispers to Wakatsuki to stop thinking about other things right now–just let Sakura make him feel good, and he continues to stroke and slips a finger into Wakatsuki, reassuring him at his protests that they won’t go all the way. Not today, at least.

When they finally return to the interrogation room, Sakura is all smiles, and Wakatsuki looks like a living corpse, drained and embarrassed.

The interrogation drags on–but it does eventually end, and Wakatsuki sees Sakura off at the front of the building, apologizing again for all the trouble. Sakura reassures him that he actually kind of had fun being interrogated, and as long as he thinks of it as a test he had to pass in order to court Wakatsuki, it wasn’t so bad.

Wakatsuki flushes deeply, and Sakura slips away with a teasing–

Sakura: “Let’s play more naughty games again sometime.”

Wakatsuki is called back into the station after he sees Sakura off–and he and his sempai head to the evidence room where they realize that the underwear that the suspect had been caught stealing…were all lined with hidden packets of narcotics. They quickly dismiss the notion that the suspect himself had anything to do with it, chalking the theft up to coincidence–and it’s equally unlikely that the person who owned the garments did it as well; no one would hide narcotics in their underwear and then hang them out to dry.

But if neither of those individuals is suspect…then who is responsible for the drugs? Wakatsuki’s sempai has an idea…and Wakatsuki isn’t going to like it. He suspects that it might be the one person other than Wakatsuki who had access to the underwear between the time the suspect was caught and the delivery to the station.

Sempai: “Sakura Masaomi.”
Wakatsuki: /What?!/

Does this mean that Sakura really is more than just a taxi driver…?



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    Maya Sakata Reply

    thank you soooo much for translating it !!!!!! 🙂

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    spacealien Reply

    waaahh!!! this development is so interesting~!
    thanks for the summary 😀

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