Kare ni wa Himitsu ~ ONE SHOT

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We meet our hero, Narumi, at work, terrifying one of his subordinates as she attempts to give him the photocopies he requested. As she scurries away, she whispers to her friend that, although Narumi is handsome, the aura around him is terrifying. Overhearing them whisper, Narumi muses to himself that, since he’s generally unsociable, he can’t really blame people for finding him unfriendly and scary. He’s then jolted from his thoughts by the arrival of another co-worker, Sakamoto. Sakamoto informs him that one of the the photocopiers is broken and begs him to take a look at it. After he fixes it, Sakamoto hugs him from behind.

Sakamoto: “Narumi…that was a really scary face you were making earlier!”
Narumi: “We’re at work, are you crazy?”

They’ve been going out with each other since Sakamoto confessed to him some time ago, but they haven’t gone on an actual date yet. Because of this, Sakamoto asks to go to the movies with him, using tickets the sales department were given. Narumi accepts, and after kissing his forehead, Sakamoto leaves happily.

Narumi: /I love him. Sakamoto is friendly, the exact opposite of me.When he confessed his love to me, it felt like a dream. However, I have a secret that I don’t dare tell him. I absolutely don’t want him to know./

Later, as Narumi watches a sappy romantic film, the reader learns his deep, dark secret…

Narumi: /I’m…a massive crybaby./

As he wipes the tears from his eyes, he gets a text from Sakamoto telling him that they’re meeting at 9 for the movie and that he’s looking forward to their date. Narumi muses that his way of thinking is quite girly and to hide it he puts on an intimidating demeanour at work, which has led to his reputation as a scary person. He recalls that, although Sakamoto was the one to confess first, he’d been in love with him for quite a while before that. Since he’s convinced that Sakamoto will react badly if he shows that side of his personality, he’s absolutely determined to keep it under wraps on their date!

As they leave the cinema after the film, Narumi’s expression is so grim that Sakamoto worriedly asks him if the film was boring. He snaps “Why?! It was really good!”, which doesn’t reassure Sakamoto at all. In fact, Narumi was trying so hard not to cry that he barely remembers the plot of the film at all!

Narumi: ‘But…I’m on a date with Sakamoto right now. He’s so cool…’

He’s so happy, he could cry! On their way out, Narumi notices some dog keyrings- merchandise of the film they saw- on sale, and thinks to himself that he’ll come back later to buy one as a souvenir of their date. Sakamoto notices him looking at them and teases him that he’ll buy him one if he wants, but Narumi snaps at him that he’s not a kid and stalks off. Later on, as they’re eating at a restaurant, Sakamoto asks Narumi if he’s alright, as he looks really tired. Narumi, startled, replies, “I’m…I’m fine.” Sakamoto seems to accept this and asks him if he wants to go out again. Then Sakamoto, blushing, says, “Umm…Takayuki.” At Narumi’s shocked look- it’s the first time Sakamoto’s used his first name- he nervously explains that he wanted to try it out. However, Narumi is so surprised and happy that, to Sakamoto’s shock, he bolts to the bathroom, and starts crying.

Narumi: /It’s…it’s the first time I’ve been called by my first name…I’m so happy!/

However, as he returns to the table and sees Sakamoto settling the bill with the waiter, he realizes that he may have given him the wrong idea. At his return, Sakamoto smiles and says, “Shall we go, Narumi?” Narumi is disappointed and assumes that Sakamoto didn’t like using his name.

The ride back is quiet. Narumi thinks he really should explain why he seemed so distant during their date, but he’s too busy trying to hold back his tears until he gets home. As he thanks Sakamoto for the ride, Sakamoto suddenly asks, “Hey, Narumi…is going out with me too much hassle?” He explains that Narumi didn’t look like he enjoyed their date at all, and if Narumi’s feelings have cooled, then maybe it’s for the best if they call it quits. At this point, Narumi can’t hold it in any longer.

He tearfully confesses everything, and Sakamoto embraces him fiercely.

Sakamoto: “Idiot, I would never hate you for something like that…I’m actually really happy that I was able to hear your real feelings.”

After the confession, things start to get more heated, and they head up to Narumi’s room. As he’s giving Narumi a handjob, Sakamoto tells him that he first became interested in him after seeing him with a really blissed-out expression in the cafeteria one day. Even though he also likes Narumi’s usual intimidating mien, he’s keen to find out what lies beneath, and so seeing Narumi cry earlier made him really happy.

Afterwards, Sakamoto has a present for Narumi…

Sakamoto: “Oh yeah, here…you said you didn’t need one, but I can see you like it!”
Narumi: “When did you…”

As Narumi starts to get emotional, Sakamoto suddenly declares that, “Your crying face is super arousing!” When he carries on with this train of thought, telling him to cry more when they’re together, Narumi starts to wonder what he’s gotten himself into…



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    January 19, 2014

    annique5 Reply

    Super cute, thank you!

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    January 20, 2014

    shang Reply

    Aa, this was so cute! Thanks so much!

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    January 30, 2014

    imaai Reply

    aww thanks a lot for the wonderful summary of this cute oneshot♡

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    January 31, 2014

    Trid Reply

    omglob that was adorable!!!! why is it only a one shoooot D”x thank you so much. this summary idea is a stroke of genius, really!

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    February 2, 2014

    domi Reply

    like this one! thank you:)

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