Kimi ga Koi ni Midareru ~ Act 10 [END]

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Kijima: “I don’t want to talk about Sensei tonight…”

Kijima is intent on using the entire night to make Ichikawa forget all about his “Sensei”–but before things can get too heated, Ichikawa attempts to settle matters between them, as he’s convinced that Kijima has the wrong idea.

Ichikawa: “The whole reason I came to Kanazawa…was because I wanted to make peace with my past self.”

He’s ashamed that he hadn’t been able to protect himself or do anything throughout the whole debacle, even got Kijima hurt. So he’d taken steps to come to terms with everything–and it paid off. He felt none of the pain, only pure respect.

Nothing, he clarifies, like his feelings for Kijima.

But Kijima needs more–he needs Ichikawa to explain how those feelings were different, and after mustering up his courage…

Ichikawa: “I…I…love you. You’re the only person…I’ve ever felt like this for!”

Kijima is overcome with emotion and pushes Ichikawa down with a searing kiss–but Ichikawa retains the sense of self to ask him to stop, to slow down…because he hasn’t yet heard how Kijima feels about him.

Kijima admits that he was jealous–Ichikawa abandoned him when he was hurt and went to see his Sensei, after all. Ichikawa apologizes again for his hasty actions, and Kijima returnst hat it’s fine, as he understands the reasoning now–and he loves Ichikawa as well.

He leans in for another kiss–but winces in pain, for he’s still recovering from the wound to his stomach. Ichikawa suggests they stop–it’ll be bad if the wound worsens–but Kijima insists he doesn’t want to stop…and teases Ichikawa that he probablly can’t stop either.

They opt to change positions a bit to make the act easier–and after some convincing and guidance…


The sex reminds Kijima of the excitement and impatience he felt the first time they met–and yet, with each I love you that falls from Ichikawa’s lips, it just brings a kind of desperate pain. He’s intent on never giving up Ichikawa again, now.

Back home, Ichikawa is making preparations to move out of Kijima’s place–and back to Kyoto. Kijima is decidedly unhappy with this decision, but he grants that Ichikawa has a point that while he could work from Tokyo, Kyoto is the place to be for his line of work. Plus, if anything happens again…he feels like he’ll be able to handle it properly himself this time.

Kijima sees him off at the bullet train platforms. He admits he’s never been all that fond of long-distance relationships, and Ichikawa apologizes again, but Kijima assures him he’s mostly just at that age where he wants to complain all the time.

Ichikawa vows to do his best to come see Kijima when he can, and Kijima responds that he’ll probably be down in Kyoto from time to time for work as well.

Kijima: “And just so we’re clear: I’ll never forgive you if you cheat on me, got it?”
Ichikawa: “EH?! I–I’d never do that!!”

Quite the opposite, he finds himself more worried about Kijima. Kijima seems to him to possess that kind of charisma that’d make anyone fall for him, but Ichikawa doesn’t. Kijima turns the question around on him–has Ichikawa truly fallen for him?

Blushing furiously, Ichikawa reminds him that he’s already answered the question–that he was preoccupied with the past, but…he’s probably been attracted to Kijima since the moment they met. It was likely love at first sight.

Kijima smiles fondly–because what a coincidence, it was the same for him.

Ichikawa is shocked–he can’t believe it, and urges Kijima to tell the truth, but his train’s about to leave, and Kijima urges him to board. Ichikawa is decidedly disappointed that Kijima is weaseling out of their conversation like this–until Kijima leans in close and offers to make sure he thoroughly understands how Kijima feels about him when next they meet…in bed.

He then offers a gentle kiss goodbye–“Until next week.”

Kijima: It hurts to admit it, so I’ll just keep it to myself for now that I of all people…was head over heels for him from the very beginning.



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    January 8, 2014

    Karen Reply

    Wahh ^^ Thank you for summarizing the last chapter. I missed the chapter before this and for some reason i didn’t even know this was going to be the last chapter. Anyways Thank you so much!

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      January 8, 2014

      fencer_x Reply

      We may go back and do some previous issues as well, so you can catch up on this series through our summaries if you’ve missed anything!

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    January 20, 2014

    Aqou24 Reply

    oh~~waaaa …..fencer_x are so amazing ur the best group ever!!!..

    thank you so much for this wonderfull summary….

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