Love Stage!! ~ Act 28

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When last we left Izumi and Ryouma, they were just settling into their new positions as assistants for Lalalulu‘s mangaka, Saotome-sensei. Unfortunately, Izumi was doing about as well as one would expect, and now Saotome-sensei must deal with another newbie assistant wannabe in Ryouma!

Ryouma is absolutely ready for action, though, and thrilled to be a part of the team.

Ryouma: All right, please give me some work! I’ll do anything!

Saotome-sensei is understandably concerned but asks him to do some inking and apply some tone. He isn’t sure if Ryouma even understands what ‘tone’ is, though, until Ryouma reassures him that he helped out with Izumi’s manuscript once.


His assistants try to dissuade him–but Saotome-sensei doesn’t have the guts to kick out a pair of A-list celebrities. As they’re arguing in another room, Ryouma pokes his head inside to let them know that he’s finished applying the tone and inking, and terrified of what they’re about to witness, they all steel themselves for Ryouma’s work.

Ryouma: What do you think?

His work is astounding, better than anything the assistants could do themselves. When they ask him how he got to be so good, he explains that after helping out Izumi before, he studied up on proper techniques so that if ever called on to help again, he’d be able to rise to the occasion.

The assistants and Saotome are all thrilled–FINALLY. A CELEBRITY THEY CAN USE.

They put Ryouma right to work, and not only does he do his own material, he helps Izumi with his workload, makes them all dinner, cleans the toilet, and is a pretty damn amazing artist:

Ryouma: Here! I drew the Metropolitan Office Building!

Saotome-sensei is having a bit of trouble, though; he just can’t seem to get one of Lalalulu’s poses down, in need of a model to base his work on. Here, Izumi offers to be his life model, since he’s memorized all of Lalalulu’s poses and can pull them off easily. Saotome-sensei happens to have a Lalalulu costume sitting around and has Izumi try it on.

Izumi: Woooow! Lalalulu’s costume!

Looking on at the adorable Izumi dressed up in the heroine’s costume, everyone’s all twitterpated. Then Izumi goes to work:

He’s rocking the costume and poses, but Ryouma is realizing that the assistants are all starting to fall for him and starts to panic–more rivals!

Just then, though, Izumi’s cell phone rings–it’s Rei, asking when he’s coming home. Only now does Izumi realize what time it is–it’s just flown by, and the work day is over. Ryouma offers to drive him home, which Rei allows, utterly baffled that Saotome-sensei has not only allowed Izumi to work there, but Ryouma as well.

After he hangs up with Izumi, Rei receives another call to the office–but when he picks up the phone, there’s no one on the other line. He asks Hello? a few times, then decides to hang up–he’s received a few of these worrisome calls recently–but before he puts the receiver down, someone on the other end of the line speaks:

Rei: Ah, yes?
Speaker: …Is Izumi there?
Rei: Eh? Um…
Speaker: Does Izumi live there…?
Rei: No, this is his agency, and he’s not in at the moment. I’m sorry, but may I ask who’s speaking?
Speaker: ………tsk. /CLICK/
Rei: /…The same person who’s been sending those texts?/

This isn’t good; while Rei is in the SenaPro offices, he’s one doorway away from Izumi’s residence, since the offices are attached to the Sena family home. If this stalker finds out about that situation, it could become dangerous for Izumi to even live there.

Elsewhere, Izumi and Ryouma are enjoying a nice quiet drive home. Izumi expresses his surprise that Ryouna showed up out of the blue, and Ryouma explains that, after thinking about it, he realized that if he wanted to spend more time with Izumi, then he’d need to become an assistant himself. Though of course, he knows he can’t do it all the time–his schedule is fully booked–so…he did a little more thinking as well, and came to a conclusion:

Ryouma: Why don’t we…live together?

Izumi is shocked at the suggestion–does he mean like being roommates? Ryouma goes on to explain that he doesn’t quite mean it like that.

Ryouma: Marriage…is the sense that I was going for.

Izumi freaks out–doesn’t Ryouma realize they’re both guys? Ryouma says that yeah, of course they can’t actually get married, but…

Ryouma: I want us to live together, as if we were married…together, forever, until the day we die.
Izumi: Ryouma…

Izumi is understandable gobsmacked, he’s never thought about that kind of thing before, and Ryouma reminds him he doesn’t have to decide right away, but he’d really like for Izumi to think it over. Plus, after all:

Ryouma: Regardless, there are two huge hurdles we have to get over before we can even think about it…
Shougo: “I’ll never allow it, not never ever nope!”
Rei: “Huh? Marriage? You, a child who can’t do anything for himself? What are you suggesting, honestly? Can you even wake up in the mornings on your own?”

They arrive at the Sena family home, and though Izumi invites Ryouma inside, Ryouma must decline, since he can’t leave his car just waiting here. Izumi beckons him just inside the garden gate, though, for a semblance of privacy, and steals a kiss.

Ryouma: What is it?
Izumi: …Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.

He then bids Ryouma good night, and they part while Ryouma fights the urge to throw Izumi over his shoulder and take him home right then and there.

Just as he’s about to climb into his car, though, he feels someone watching him–but a quick glance around shows only an empty street. Probably just his imagination, he assumes.

Which is, of course, wrong–Izumi’s stalker saw the whole thing…and now he knows where Izumi lives.

At home, in his room, Izumi stares out at the night sky, reflecting on Ryouma’s proposal. He’s never thought about being with Ryouma until he dies. He loves Ryouma, and that’s all he’s ever thought about–but Ryouma’s been thinking about things beyond that. Five, ten, a hundred years from now…how does he want to share his life with Ryouma?

The next morning, when Rei arrives at the office, the house keeper brings him a letter she found in the mailbox–addressed to Izumi. Rei carefully opens it, and it’s just as he feared:

Rei: Dammit! /He’s found out that Izumi lives here! This letter suggests that it’s the same one who’s been sending all of those text messages… And now he’s right on our doorstep!/

He has to do something to make sure Izumi stays safe.

That evening, as he’s driving Izumi home from a shoot, he takes a detour. Izumi notices that they’re takingΒ a different route home–which is when Rei confesses that they’re not going home.


Ryouma: UMM. Um. May I ask what brings the two of you by on such short notice…?

Izumi is just as confused as Ryouma, but Rei drops to his knees and bends forward into a bow.


It seems like their newlywed life will start much sooner than expected…!

To be continued…


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13 Responses to “Love Stage!! ~ Act 28”

  1. Wavatar

    August 1, 2015

    hikari Reply

    Thank you very much for this wonderful summary as usual!!^_^

  2. Wavatar

    August 1, 2015

    Anna Reply

    Thank you very much for translating and summarizing!

  3. Wavatar

    August 2, 2015

    Lint Reply

    It’s so sweet that Ryouma took time to better his abilities “just in case” Izumi might need his help in the future. His adoration for Izumi is so sweet. And they let him clean the toilets?!? Don’t they have other people who do that work for them?

    **girl squeals** at Ryouma’s marriage proposal! Can’t wait until the next chapter, thanks so much for the translation and summary!

    • Wavatar

      December 3, 2015

      Emily_The_Otaku Reply

      I squealed a bit myself from Ryouma’s proposal of Marriage….I was like *Awwwwwweeeee* πŸ˜™

  4. Wavatar

    August 2, 2015

    Lissy S. Reply

    Awwwww! I wonder how Ryouma and Izumi will get along, now that they’re going to live together for a short while, until Izumi’s creepy stalky person finally decides to take action and do something creepy stalky person-esque.

  5. Wavatar

    August 2, 2015

    alex_ana Reply

    Thank you for your summaries.
    I really like this series

  6. Wavatar

    August 2, 2015

    July Reply

    So cute!

  7. Wavatar

    August 3, 2015

    mika Reply

    Awww yayyyy I’m always so happy when a new chapter comes out! Thank you again SO MUCH for continuing to do overviews of the chapters with excerpts of the pages, instead of dropping it entirely now that it’s licensed in English. lol I totally knew it–I knew Ryouma was going to be an amazing assistant XD He seemed the sort. I hope that doesn’t make Izumi feel self-conscious in the future, but on the other hand omgggg he’s so cute as Lala Lulu!

    This will be interesting to see if Izumi does move in! It would be sweet if he did but also poor Ryouma XD Izumi isn’t exactly used to having to do things for himself, as evidenced by the one time he tried to clean up at Ryouma’s that we saw on screen.

    Also very curious about this stalker!

    Thank you again for the great summary! I’m so thankful that I don’t have to wait years now to see what happened next.

  8. Wavatar

    August 3, 2015

    Miss H Reply

    yeeeeeh , miss them<3Β¨

    I hope next act will be about Shougo & Rei <3

    fencer_x you are the best like always

    thanks for your hard work

  9. Wavatar

    August 4, 2015

    Star Lady Reply

    This chapter was wonderful! I actually cannot wait until the next chapter, and there’s not enough fanfics to sate my tastes until then….maybe I have to write own fanfiction then, huh? But seriously, I’ve reread this about 100 times now and there are so many hurdles in the horizon, I can tell. After such a riveting hypnosis arc from last time, I can only guess what will happen this time around.

    Also, Ryouma is now my artist goals. Also, I’m really happy Izumi found his own little place with his favorite author (although I’m sure he’d rather work on the manga, he seems to have fun! ^-^) because beforehand he got really upset about being rejected. Izumi really does love the series, and he looks very, very cute in the Lala Lulu costume! But Ryouma might have more rivals/a big threat in the future. That fan who’s been trying to talk to Izumi doesn’t seem like a…nice character, and I doubt our wonderful authors will make it a joke and say “Oh no it’s just some relative/celeb trying to talk to Izumi not anything bad whatsoever.” Because, you know, finding out where he lives? Not exactly something someone who has no ill intentions would say.

    Or maybe I’m just being too hopeful about having another dramatic plot.

  10. Wavatar

    August 11, 2015

    Sandy Reply

    I want the chapter to come out already…THIS IS TOO CUTE!!! AND ALL GOOD!! Thank you for the update

  11. Wavatar

    August 31, 2015

    vessto Reply

    Thank you!

  12. Wavatar

    September 24, 2015

    Alex Reply


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